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Green Room - Week 16 - Day 2

I've found myself backing out of a lot of comments on social media lately.

Even on things where I have a strong opinion. I'm feeling a greater sense of monologue and a lesser tendency toward dialogue, so if my comment is going to not align with the echo chamber, do I really need the headache of the response I know it's going to get?

Which is either cowardice or wisdom. Maybe the two are the same thing. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify the former. ;)

I think it started with politics and just spiraled outward as more and more things are touched by discussion of social issues. I'm doing far more reading and less talking, and usually a lot more eye-rolling. Because there are some people out there who need to interact with other humans more, and do some actual research on things that they love to talk about... (which, to be fair, is most of us!)

Related, in that I didn't join in on either discussion. But unrelated, in that I'm actually commenting about it:

Yesterday, right next to each other in my Facebook feed, I saw a call for people to *not* get defensive when they are called out for making racist and bigoted statements/actions, but rather apologize and learn from the experience - and another post where someone was actually *yelled at* and called a bigot because he held the door open for a woman. (by said woman)

I think one of the things you need to reflect on, and learn from, is that everyone has their own experiences and perspectives - and you can certainly learn from them. But also, some people are just asshats. And asshats ruin things for everyone by being that example of "this is why such-and-such is a joke!" Which doesn't help anyone.

DO be considerate of your fellow human beings and listen to their experiences and use that information to inform your future actions.

DON'T be an asshat.

If you need to know the difference, you will find it out when I start kicking you. But, to be fair, you may get confused and think it's just because you are damn hippie. Which is a good point. But if you didn't want to be kicked, you would stop being that.


How do you *avoid* getting kicked? There is no way.

You just have to accept it's going to happen.

You also have to accept that the new topic is up:

and there is a Work Room as well:
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