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Green Room - Week 15 - Weekend Edition

Hello there, and welcome to the last day of some of your Idol Season 10 lives. Or at least the lives as contestants, which is of course the only lives that *really* count. The only lives that have actual meaning. Those "lives" you have with family, and friends, in that "outside world" known as "reality", we all know those are meaningless and quite possibly just the result of some sort of head trauma you experienced. Idol is the only reality that matters - and that is about to have a shake-up.

How big of a shake-up? Honestly, I have no idea. I woke up to 6 more votes that I haven't "officially recorded" yet, or even looked at. BUT as of when I went to bed last night - every single contestant (who didn't have a bye) was "on the board" with votes and there was enough outstanding votes that I was waiting to get to completely change the trends and flip the results on their head. No one is "safe" right now. (Well, there are a couple people who I *think* the trends are favoring to be safe, but again, there are enough votes that I am waiting to get, and probably will in the last hour, if I know you guys and how you like to make me sweat, to completely change that!

So if you are a contestant, make sure to get your "Contestant Only" vote into me at and everyone else needs to be voting in the poll to keep your favorites in the game! I have a feeling today is going to hurt a lot. It would regardless. But I just have a feeling about it...


Since this is the last day of (some of) your Idol Season 10 lives - how are you spending it? In quiet contemplation? Are you going out to cross some things off your bucket list? Having a party?

Me? I'm spending the afternoon sharpening some blades. No reason. What's your neck size again... just curious... It must have come up at that March for Science or something, that knowing people's neck size was important...just thought I'd ask...
Tags: green room, season 10, week 15, weekend edition
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