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Green Room - Week 15 - Day 7

We went to a Middle School Talent Show last night. Or should I say "Talent" show.

Because if you've ever been to one of these things there is a collection of people who, for whatever reason, no one has pointed out to them that they shouldn't be singing. Including the winner (although she was better than most of them).

There *were* a couple that were actually good... not sure if it's coincidence, but they were also the ones who could play their own instruments. Maybe they take it more seriously and are willing to put more into it. Or perhaps I'm just bitter and old! :)

(Although, OMG, there were moments last night when I thought it was going to kill me and I wouldn't be getting any older!)


Speaking of talent shows, and OMG kill me - there are two polls going on right now. One that you can see: and a Contestant Only vote.

I was emailed some questions, and I was going to answer them - but then decided that I should answer them *here*. Because if one person is asking, then probably a lot more are wondering. It's all ground that I've covered in the past, but maybe it didn't come up yet this season. And even if it did, it's ground that *needs* to be covered. Because it's important stuff:

Can you vote for yourself?

I'm not going to go around telling people how they should or shouldn't vote.
There are some people who have a problem with voting for themselves, and some that don't.

Your "sense of right and wrong" is yours. But, honestly - if you don't vote for yourself, you're wrong. ;)

If YOU don't support your own entry - why should anyone else? If you honestly think "this doesn't deserve MY vote!" when stacked up against all the other entries, then you probably should have gone in some other direction with your piece.

I've seen people play all kinds of mini-games with themselves, inside of Idol, and out. "I will survive entirely on other people's votes, and I won't vote at all"; "I won't promote my entries" and so on... IMO, it's a set-up for justifying "why I didn't win". Maybe you don't care about winning. But I will say the less interaction you have in Idol, the less you are getting out of it - and the less of the *actual writing experience* you are getting. Because any published author can tell you, you have to hustle out there. And if you're not your own biggest supporter, you're starting in a pretty deep hole.

So yes - vote for yourself if you want to do so and feel like you deserve it. And if you don't - then don't be surprised when you are voted out by 1 vote...

There was a second question in that email as well - so I'll answer that:

With the contestant only vote - do you HAVE to vote for 15 entries?

15 is the maximum. You can vote for as many, or few, entries as you want to support, up to that 15 mark.
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