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100 Weeks

After doing this thing for 10 years, I've seen a lot of faces come and go through these parts. Which is why someone surviving the 100 week mark has always been really special to me.

But this time? It's extra special. Because not only is a singular accomplishment, it marks a first in a larger accomplishment as well. It's something that I wondered when it would happen, and who it would be. I should have known!

Idol has become a generational game, with parents introducing it to their kids - and in some cases, kids introducing it to their parents.

Which is what happened in this case. Idol met emo_snal first. He definitely came into his first season as a larger-than-life character, making some waves in the process. He seemed to have fun, and I was glad when I saw him come back the following season. What I *didn't* predict though, was that he would invite his Mom along for the ride!

It didn't take long for her to develop her own fanbase - and for those who like the son's work, to recognize that his talent didn't fall far from the tree!

It's funny, because these days - in "modern Idol" circles, she may be more well known than he is!

Kris was the 14th person to reach the Top 100 club. His Mom is the 36th! Which makes them the first biological family members to belong to the Idol 100 Weeks Club! (there is a married couple that is also there, but this is the first "blood-relations")

Congratulations to furzicle, and thank you for everything you have brought to Idol over the years!

It's truly been a pleasure.
Tags: 100 weeks, season 10, week 14
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