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Green Room - Week 15 - Weekend Edition

Good Easter-Eve, for those who celebrate.

Not Easter, who doesn't celebrate me getting my Peeps? That is something that makes me extremely happy, and me being happy makes YOU very happy! Unless of course I'm getting my joy from torturing you, in which case then you will be a little too busy being tortured to have actual emotions.

Rather - Easter Eve, the holiday I just made up right now! Happy Easter Eve Idol, unless of course you are reading this some other time, in which case it's *still* Easter Eve, because Easter Eve is a day that exists in our hearts and minds every day of the year, regardless of when you might be reading this.


I had a fun time at the escape room. Next time I want to go with people I actually have a good relationship with. Maybe they'd listen when I say "what about this?" instead of ignoring it and reaching the same conclusion 5 minutes later. :)

We actually ran out of time, but our room attendant let us finish since we were so close. It was also their most difficult room, so I feel good about getting so close... Again, had they listened there were a couple places where we could have shaved off some time. But that's usually the case.

I'd recommend escape rooms to anyone who enjoys puzzles and figuring things out with people you might not want to be locked in a room with.


You might not want to be locked in a room with this week's topic:

and that room is the Work Room:

There was also an elimination tonight, and a few more things to read, so while you are locked in here, you might as well go check them out!
Tags: green room, season 10, week 15, weekend edition
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