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Green Room - Week 13 - Day 12

I wrote this tonight, and was going to post it tomorrow morning when I woke up, then I decided screw it and I'm posting it now. If an Idol Week can be 12 days long and counting, why can't two Idol days overlap a real one!!! :)


I knew I should have just made in Week 14... if you've tried logging on, I'm sure you have seen the new terms of service agreement notice.

I've had a couple people email me about it.

I'm not going to get into what differences there are between this one, and the one that people previously signed when they got on the site. Mostly because I don't know what the differences are, and am probably the last person you should ask about these sorts of things.

I do know there is some concern that the Russians might be able to access your privacy locked entries and reproduce it. Because nothing excites Putin more than finding out about your sex life and reading your poetry. If it's poetry about your sex life - that's when it ends up on Russian state owned broadcast media.

This isn't the first time people have been concerned about what the Russians are going to do now that they own Livejournal. Nowadays there are people who are concerned about what the Russians are going to do now that they own the United States. ;)

People are afraid that they can't say the Vladimir Putin enjoys sucking dog's testicles. I am not sure why they would want to say that. Because obviously he's a great man and should be respected, and I would be saying that even if he wasn't standing right behind me right now with what I *hope* is a gun pressed into the back of my head.

Being in the US, I have a greater freedom knowing that it is unlikely that I will be rounded up and taken away for saying Putin really does love those dog testicles. Not that I *would* say that, because that would be a completely ridiculous thing for someone to say! Could I, or someone else, lose access if they were to say something like that. I'm sure it's possible. But I'm just as sure that they might as well shut down the Livejournal site if that happens, because really who is going to show up to use it (other than people really into Japanese boy bands)?

If I lived in Russia, I would probably feel differently. I'd probably have my own opinions on Putin and on the Russian government - and on what the rest of the world thinks about them. I wouldn't know what those opinions would be though, given that, as previously stated, I am not Russian. Or have I downloaded pictures of Putin committing those acts alluded to before, because seriously - who would want to see that???

Seriously though, I'm not sure what this is going to mean in the big picture. Or even if there is a big picture. I just know that people are talking about it, and if you, like me, hit the "agree" button, and are

I really wish this hadn't happened in the middle of such an important vote. But that's part of the deal, you play on the field you are given. So this week will play through as planned, and we will see what is coming next when it comes!
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