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Thank You

While I wait to take a look at the results (and they are *close*) I want to take a few moments to thank the Gatekeepers who came out to help!

As always, these are people who went above and beyond, taking the time out of their busy schedules - because I *asked them*. Want to experience how much people love something you create? Get them to put in time and effort for it. That feeling of gratitude is something that *never* fades.

I'm especially excited because there are actually two long-time Idolers, members of the 100 Week Club, who have *never* been Gatekeepers before!!! Why? Because they are usually still in the competition when they show up!

For the first Gatekeeper round, many of them had no previous exposure to your work. For this time? Most of them do. Which I thought would create an interesting dynamic to see how those two groups differed.

Granted, they were two different weeks - but the results were fairly similar to each other in most regards.

Which, considering that I know these people's tastes - and they differ with the first group of Gatekeepers, that reaffirms that the voters clearly knew what they were doing by bringing together our Top 18.

All of that said,

Let's get to the Thank Yous!

Your Gatekeepers for this round were:

fourzoas - It's one of the worst kept secrets that she's one of my favorite writers, and people. And it's not just because we share a birthday! When she's not kicking ass writing, she's busy serving as the Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing and Teaching at a college in MS.

Not even the Russians could keep Kathrynrose away! :) You know her. You love her. She was probably one of the first people to say "Hello" to you this season and an incredible writer as well. If it wasn't for LJ changing things on us midstream, I have no doubt that she would having been standing on the other side of this exchange, cursing my name for bringing in Gatekeepers!

Speaking of Gatekeepers, I also brought back one of the most shocking exits of this season - from the last round of Gatekeepers. She was the first newbie to get immunity in the early weeks, and on most people's short list for the person they thought could end up winning. (based on what I've heard folks saying) - my_name_is_jenn!

The first of the "people who have never been Gatekeepers before", despite having been around Idol for a really long time - is alycewilson! Not only did she end up having a great run this season, but her son did as well! "Alyce Wilson has an MFA in poetry from Pennsylvania State University and has been published inThe Leading Edge, Poetry New York, The Texas Poetry Journal, Mad Poets, Kalleidetrope and Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly Online. Her chapbook, Picturebook of the Martyrs, and book of essays and columns, The Art of Life, are available from her portfolio site."

She also runs the online literary magazine http://www.wildviolet.net/

It's been a few years since we have seen applespicy in Idol. But those who have been around for long enough may have just gulped a little bit knowing that she was here, reading, and silently judging you! ;)

A name that *everyone* this season would know, and someone who wasn't around long enough to be the Spirit, but who really personified a lot of what this season has been, up to this point, was llblckraincloud, which is why I thought it was important to bring them back for this! "I'm a writer. I publish under the pen name "Cloud S. Riser". I've made the transition to DW as "divinemusings" (but I still check in on LJ often too if people want to add me there)

Elizabeth Hawksworth is a First Nations activist. You may know her from several seasons of LJ Idol, or from the Washington Post, HuffPost or Indian Country Media Network (yes, I totally Googled to find that one) She work a marketing manager position in the day, where she seems to spend quite a bit of time dealing with writers! She has two books published, Break for Beauty and Lake Effect: Voices of Toronto's History!

"chite, who was once Lynne Powell and who is now Lynne Glowacki, was the Season 4 LJ Idol winner and now does most of her writing professionally as a government contractor. She has five children and no time but was happy to take some this week to read Idol entries. "

Anyone who knows Idol history knows that Season 4 was one of the most difficult seasons *ever*. I just need to point that out to the newbies!

Last, but never least, is the other "has never been a Gatekeeper". I'm not entirely sure that she's ever been *voted out* before the Top 20. Unless I am missing something huge, I am pretty confident that she holds the record for the most times in the Top 10, and is one of the few who have even been in back-to-back finals! If there is anyone who knows what it takes to be at this stage of the game, it's gratefuladdict! She is seriously a legend and I am the one grateful that she accepted the invite to come help out this time around!

I'm grateful to *all* of you who stepped up to help out this week - and I know the writers are as well.

Thank you so much!

Now I'm going to go tally those results...

Green Room - Week 23 - Day 11

Good Morning Idolers!

I've been looking at the Gatekeeper results as they are coming in, and have decided to give you a bit of a breather and let people know who seem to be "in the safe zone" to make it out the other side.

So here is the list:

Congratulations to everyone who is "safe" this week!

Green Room - Week 23 - Weekend Edition

I just got home from seeing Baby Driver, which, if you haven't seen it yet - go right now. I'll wait.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be seeing LJ Idol's own sra33's newest movie, Spider-man: Homecoming!! (yes, that's right, she worked on that too!!)

While we are waiting for them to get back - make sure you are taking the time to read and comment on the entries for this week: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1029288.html

See? Wasn't it good?

But the ending, and the director's comments on it made me think about writing in general.

“I think the end scene is up for interpretation. And I sort of learned quickly through the test screening process that I should let people interpret it how they want. I think it’s an important thing with movies where you don’t have to state your actual intention because nobody’s response to it is wrong. I think that’s a good thing to do; you don’t want to have anybody say, ‘No, you’re wrong, you read that wrong.’ It’s better if you have two different interpretations.”

Where are you when it comes to that, not just with stuff you enjoy, but in your own work?

Green Room - Week 23 - Day 7

I have a secret.

But not for long, because I'm going to share it with you. Because I think you can handle it.

Maybe you can handle it.


I guess we will see.

I know people are concerned about the lack of comments on their entries. Here's the thing - part of that is out of your hands because LJ isn't what it used to be.

But, and here's the secret - part of that is *entirely* in your own hands, as much as anything else does.

I saw people committing to commenting on everyone's entries this week - and that's great. That's a solid start. If everyone did that, every week, there might not be a problem to start with.... people *talking* solves the problem of feeling the silence.

So does *telling people about Idol and other people's entries*. Not just "go here and click this button*! But "there's really good stuff out there" and posting a link to it!

I know, that's a commitment, and maybe you can't get other people to bow to your whims. I know, I try every day to do it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. (Seriously though - it *should* work. People need to obey me more!!! :D)

But the solution to silence isn't more silence. It's the people who are directly invested turning up the volume and getting the word out. This isn't a bubble. It can't be. If it is, then yes, it will starve. It will be endless silence until it's not worth the effort.

I've been trying to get the word out on social media. But we need to turn that knob to 11!

This is the part of the season that's *always* quiet, when the people who are out get distracted and go do something else. They tend to come back in the last couple of weeks once things are winding down. But this section is always a bit of a slog. Which means it's up to those who are still here, who still care, to take up the slack to get their attention! If it's just with your screams of pain! :D

Vote - Week 23

I gave you 3 choices for Topics this week. Which of course means 3 polls.... no wait, no it doesn't. It means 1 poll... oh no wait, it doesn't... it means....

Read more...Collapse )

Green Room - Week 23 - Day 6

The deadline is tonight http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1028263.html and there are still quite a few empty spots.

So hopefully everyone else is planning on doing that last minute posting thing that they seem to love.


For those in America - how was your 4th?

For those not in America - how was your 4th?

For those in 'Merica - get the hell out! That's MY house! I need to build a wall to keep you out of there you damn dirty hippies!!


Anyone see Baby Driver yet? I want to see that, and Spider-man: Homecoming!


Speaking of "has anyone" - has anyone tried that new post editor on LJ yet? How is it?

Green Room - Week 23- Weekend Edition

"I don't want to change - I don't want to be someone else"

That's not just the Doctor saying that.

It's most people.

It's me. It's you. Heck, it's what has been facing Idol itself this season.

It's that moment between what you are, and what you are going to become.


Celena became 14 today. :)

Technically, she "turned" 14 today, but that didn't fit the theme. She just transformed into a 14 year old without any notice. Before she turns 15, we will have passed over that mark where I have known her over half of her life. That's kind of amazing to think about.


Something that *you* should be thinking about is your entry: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1028263.html


Other than that, what have you been doing this weekend? Celebrating Canada Day? Gearing up for the 4th of July? Celebrating the 4th Canada Day of July?

Work Room - Week 23

I said it in the Topic post: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1028263.html

Which you haven't read it when I'm writing this, but I wanted to say it again:

"I've been saying this for awhile, but seriously - this is the point in the competition where you need to bring your "A-game" every week. Anyone can go at any time!"

There were 6 votes between being eliminated and the person with the most votes this week.

Let me say that again - 6 more people voted for the entry with THE MOST votes than did for one that sent someone home.

That is why it's important to spread the word, and that is why it's important, each and every week, to bring all you've got, because you may not have a "next week".


There are 3 choices this week for your topic - which one are you leaning toward, and why?

Topic - Week 23

There are 3 choices for your topic this week.

Note: You only need to write 1 of them.

Your choices are:

Backing the wrong horse
Bannister effect

I've been saying this for awhile, but seriously - this is the point in the competition where you need to bring your "A-game" every week. Anyone can go at any time!

The deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Wednesday, July 5th at 8pm EST

Have fun!

Results - Week 22

We've established that this is going to be painful every week, so it won't come to any surprise to see 2 long-time favorite veterans leaving us this week.

I will say that until the last refresh, I was thinking it was going to be a 5-way tie for that last spot. I think if the poll closed at 9:01 that may have ended up being the case.

But we don't live in that reality. We live in this one.

This reality also had a really tight race for who the Jury was going to award Immunity to this week. It was a 3-way tie until a last minute vote showed up to break it! (with 5 contestants being 1 vote away from making that a 8-way tie). Ultimately though, that vote tipped halfshellvenus into Immunity! Congratulations!

Which means now we get to the bad part, saying goodbye.

As I said, they are both long-time veterans, members of the 100 Week Club and dirty hippies. I'm really glad that they are going to be on the Jury, because they are definitely folks that I want to have around to help shape the rest of this season. Hopefully we will continue to see them in the Green Room and writing for the Home Game as well!

Goodbye to


LJ Idol
LJ Idol: a writing rollercoaster with iffy brakes

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