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Second Chances Sign-Up Sheet

Were you eliminated from Season 10 and wish you had one more shot?

Did you miss the original sign-up sheet and wish you could take part?

Are you literally just hearing about LJ Idol *right now* and think "I could do that!"

This is your shot.

If you know someone who you think would love competing this season - now is your chance to drag them in!

It's appropriate it being doing this now, because *I* just was given another shot at life long happiness - and what is Idol if not "lifelong happiness"? ;)

If you want to take part, just create a post in your LJ/Open Access blog/whatever you want to use to compete and post a link to it in the comments below. I will be answering any questions you have in the Work Room (or Green Rooms). Please only post your links here.

Second Chance will run alongside the main competition, eliminating folks as we go, until a certain number of them will survive the SCI experience and (re)enter the main competition, already in progress. It's shorter, it's deadlier, and there are no byes. But it's your last, and best shot at getting back into the fray!

So sign up today!!

Sign-ups are open until Tuesday, Feb 28th at 8pm EST



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