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The Killing Floor - Week 6

While we are waiting for the polls to close, I'm sure there are also some people finished with their reading and voting! Which means that it's the perfect time to get some attention over here! :)

If you have some of your writing that you want to hear constructive criticism on. just be one of the first 5 people to post a link in the comment thread!

(Note: If you have already had your work featured in a previous Killing Floor, you are not eligible)

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 6

The poll is still open and things look like they could heat up faster than someone tweeting "Hey, post your pictures! #MyNYPD"!

How has this week been going for you so far?

Been grazing on government land or gone down a rabbit hole in search of "the real name of the creature we call a bear?

Whatever your distraction today, just remember where the REAL action on the internet is - right here with the entries!! :)

What have you seen so far that needs more love and attention?

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 5

For those following along on their spreadsheets, and because I wasn't fully paying attention to the rest of the world - bhyphen didn't use a bye in Week 6. It looks like he did. But he didn't. He used a "Baby Bye".

Congratulations to the new Daddy and welcome to Idol's newest member!!

It won't let me post the picture for some reason, but here's a link!


For everyone else in the poll though, things are looking pretty tight: you should probably get to reading and voting! The poll is "community only", so make sure to let people know to join the community! It's Open to everyone (well, unless you are banned. :D) and pretty darn easy to join, so they definitely should do it!


There is also the Bye Twist to consider, and how that might impact future rounds.


What impact are future rounds going to have on that fragile thread you like to pretend passes for "sanity"?

Vote - Week 6

A few words from clauderainsrm:

The best laid plans of mice and men sometimes end up slipping through a crack or two. Which is what happened this time. I set up the new tribes, and wham - we had a bunch of drops and bye-outs that ended up impacting the set-up more than I would have liked. But, we play the course we are given, not the one we would prefer.

Before we get to the action, it’s time to say goodbye to some people.
Those dropping this week are:

Those who used their final bye in a previous week, and missed the deadline are: iamapremo, illittorate, yuniebaby, ____hejira, alifetolove, phoenixejc, teddyescher, colonelperry42n, inawrites, letthemtakeit, superhappytime

Some old Idol friends, as well as folks that I was really enjoying getting to know. Even a real life friend in this particular batch.

It’s horrible to see them go. But hopefully they will Home Game, and take advantage of the chance to come back into the game later in the season, when the chance comes.

As for the rest of you - Idol marches forward!

This is our first COMMUNITY ONLY vote, which means that if you wish to vote, that means you need to join the community. Fortunately, it’s an easy thing to do! If you want other people to vote for you, that means they need to join as well! :)

Getting people active in the community is always a good thing, and encouraging them to read, comment and vote for their favorites is only going to make their own lives better! :)

The lowest vote-getter from each tribe will be eliminated!

The poll will close Thursday, April 24t at 10pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Click here to Vote!Collapse )

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 4

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good!

But then again, you knew that if you've read about the new twist!

If you still doubt it, you won't by tonight! :)


So, how was your weekend? Was the Bunny kind to you or did he throw you in a cave and roll a rock in front of it?

Hopefully, you had the time to write an entry and post it here:
if not, you best get to it!! Or you have though, then start reading and commenting!

Byes Twist

You've been here 6 weeks, and thought you had a pretty good handle on how things go.

Heck, maybe you're a veteran with 100+ plus weeks, and thought nothing could surprise you.

Hi. My name is Gary and this is a post that I'm making! :)

Everyone knows that you have 3 byes to use between the start of the game and the Top 50. Which is still a really long way away.

But what if you are out of byes already, or think you will be soon?

What if there is someone who is confident in their ability to always be able to get an entry in, regardless of the circumstances.

I've got a proposition for you.

If you have a bye and want to give it to someone just notify me at before the topic deadline for that given week. (notify them as well, otherwise they will assume they are out/almost out! :D)

Maybe you just want to see someone get a little further.
Maybe they are having a hard time with real life right now and you want to make things a little easier on them.
Heck, maybe it's a strategic move to gain favor with someone and look like a good person.

Whatever, this is now on the table from now until the Top 100. Use it wisely!


Green Room - Week 6 - Weekend Edition

On Friday, I sacrificed the Green Room. Today, it came back, bringing salvation to all Idolers!

Someone should write this down somewhere so that future generations can know of this blessing upon you all!

Well, if we are getting technical, it's not really "salvation" you are receiving. More like "more torture". So I'm not sure that it's entirely the same thing! ;)


We *did* lose a member this weekend to the forces of Real Life. Unfortunately, she did not rise again a few days later as I had hoped. But there is still a chance to see her in the Home Game, and I hope that we do! Goodbye to abigailendersby! Thank you for coming out this season!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate - and Happy Give Gary Yellow Peeps Day to everyone who SHOULD be celebrating that day! Anyone doing anything special?

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 1

There was a lot of things going on last night. There were the results:

The new topic link, which, for some reason people thought "Hey, let's have a conversation here":

and the Work Room, where conversations actually happen:

Oh, and someone else managed to survive this madhouse for 100 Weeks:

It wasn't from yesterday, but I'm giving you one more chance to get in on the Killing Floor fun: before we move on.


What sort of Easter plans do you have? Anyone off on Good Friday? I wish I was!!

100 Weeks

With everything else happening, I almost forgot to post this. That would have truly been a shame, because it's very well deserved.

Back before I even knew "LJ drama", there were some frustrating times when I felt like I should just chuck it all and walk away. Once Season 4 hit, and I was in the darkest points of Idol, and personal, history I could look back and laugh. But at the time, it was serious.

There was one thing that came up - a running "joke" between myself and my assistant about what I would do if it ever came to just announcing "it's over" and walking away mid-season. This "joke" has stayed consistent for years.

I used the quotes, because it wasn't entirely a joke. ;)

The line was "beldar wins". Which was short-hand for saying that he was a solid writer and a solid human being that absolutely everyone would be happy to see win. No one would give me a problem if beldar were to win!

He's beldarzfixon these days, but I still can't think of anyone who wouldn't be happy to see him do well. He's still an awesome guy - and now, at long last, he has 100 Weeks in Idol under his belt!


Work Room - Week 6

I had something definite to post tonight for the Work Room, but that went out the window when the news came in.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, if you couldn't tell, was one of my favorite writers and a huge influence on my own writing.

So I'll turn this back on you, who have been YOUR biggest influences, and what can you point to in your own writing that is there because of them?

You can find the new topic over at:

(Feel free to talk about what you loved in other contestant's writing as well!)

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