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Green Room - Thanksgiving Edition

I'm going to try to be serious here for a moment.

Try not to fall over and panic.

I'm really thankful for all of you.

Not just the people who are here now, reading this message - but everyone who has ever taken part in LJ Idol.

It started with me sitting around my apartment, bored and lonely.  I wanted to do something to keep myself and my friends list entertained - and maybe make some new friends.

It certainly worked.  Over the years the competition has continued to grow and I've gotten to meet some fantastic people. (I've also gotten to know Idol contestants... I knew I couldn't keep that up for long! :P)

These days my life has completely changed and every spare moment I have is precious. (because who knows when the next one is coming - I was called out of the room four times while writing this, to help get things done. :D). But set aside the time for Idol, because I believe it's worth it.

I was thinking about what I wanted to say today about the nature of Idol, and giving thanks - and then I realized that Jeffrey Lewis had already pointed out that what we both are giving is our time. We are giving it to each other - and that is a precious gift.

So, thank you for continuing to show up, and being a part of this thing we call LJ Idol.

(and yes, the sign-up sheet is still open: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html )


"Time is gonna take so much away but there's a way that time can offer you a trade.
Time is gonna take so much away but there's a way that time can offer you a trade.
You gotta do something that you can get nicer at.
You gotta do something that you can get wiser at.
You better do something that you can get better at 'cause that's the only thing that time will leave you with.
'Cause time is gonna take so much away but there's a way that time can offer you a trade. It might be cabaret.
it could be poetry.
It might be trying to make a new happy family.
It could be violin repair or chemistry.
But if it's something that takes a lot of time that's good.
'Cause time is gonna take so much away but there's a way that time can offer you a trade. Because your looks are gonna leave you.
And your cities gonna change too.
And your shoes are gonna wear through.
Yeah, time is gonna take so much away but there's a way that you can offer time a trade. You gotta do something that you can get smarter at.
You gotta do something that you might just be a starter at.
You better do something that you can get better at. 'Cause that's the thing that time will
leave you with.
And maybe that's why they call a trade a trade, like when they say that you should go and learn a trade.
The thing you do don't have to be to learn a trade just get something back from time for all it takes away.
It could be many things.
It could be anything.
It could be expertise in Middle-Eastern travelling.
Something to slowly sure to balance lifes unravelling.
You have no choice you have to pay times price, but you can use the price to buy you something nice.
Something you can only buy with lots of time so when you're old, which you will, some whippersnappers mind.
It might be researching a book that takes you seven years.
A book that helps to make the path we take to freedom clear.
and when you're done you see it started with a good idea.
One good idea could cost you thousands of your days, but it's just time you'd be spending anyways.
You have no choice, you have to pay times price but you can use the price to buy you something nice.
So I've decided recently, to try to trade more decently."

Green Room - Week .5 - Day 2

Good morning.

In case you missed it - I realized that yesterday we hit the 20,000 entries mark: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/865934.html

That's a big deal.  Or maybe it's just a number.... nah, it's a big deal.

I'm really thankful to everyone who, over the years, got us to that place.

Thank you for being a part of LJ Idol, and allowing it to become a part of your life.

For those new to Idol - welcome, and I hope you will become as addicted as the rest of us. (in the good way)


Our march to 25,000 has started with the Week .5 entry: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/865490.html


Sign-ups are still open: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html   I'm really hoping to see some more faces over there! This mini-season could either be a lot of fun, or a complete disaster, either way it's going to be interesting!!


Sit down and write 20,000 stories.  Right now.

Just do it.

How about 20,000 poems?

20,000 non-fiction pieces?

Make sure they are good enough to share in public and then submit them to a forum where folks can vote on what they like the best.

Go ahead. You can mix-and-match, they can be any combination of those things.

That's going to take you some time to complete. Don't worry, I'll wait right here until you are back.

LJ IDOL just did this.

20,000 entries have been created - have been released into the world as a result of Idol. Would they have happened anyway? Maybe. Maybe not. (I know a lot of them probably would not have been) But they didn't.

I wasn't originally thinking there would be a Week 0, so I told people to expect us to hit this mark in Week 1. But when I pushed back the sign-up deadline, I wanted something else for folks to do. But the "we will hit that!!!" never entered my mind.

Who got to be the official 20,000th entry?

That would be this one: http://voidandblank.livejournal.com/1169.html   from voidandblank.

Congratulations, to us all!

And here's to working on 20,000 more!

Green Room - Week .5 - Day 1

Good morning.

I've been taking a look at the topics you've been sending in, and there are definitely some interesting trends.  (and some near duplicates. Fortunately, I asked for three and not all of them are the same!)

I think we have some really cool ones though - so hopefully there will some you will really enjoy, If not - just remember these came from your fellow contestants! ;)

Speaking of "your fellow contestants" - we have a week left for Sign Ups: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html

If we *don't* get to 100, I may have to change the maximum number of people allowed on a team. Just because that might shift the balance a little too much being where it is and being under 100... if we move that bar up though, I think it should be fine.

Again, thinking in terms of playability... and yes, I know that no one else cares about that. But I do so I'm rambling at you about it!


There's a .5 Topic available for those who are interested: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/865490.html
and yes, it's not manadatory.  But it's highly recommended - both from the sense of "you showed up to write something" as well as "it's good to get into the practice".


I was asked when people will be able to form teams. (for those who want to do that)  Honestly - as soon as you want to do it. Line them up if you want to play in one this season. Just know that if the numbers don't come in sign-up wise, I may have to shift some things around before we get started!

Once we hit Week 1, I'll let everyone know how I need to receive the information - but stuff to be thinking about:

- Who are the members of your team?
- Team name?
- Do you want an "open bye" pool for your team?
- Select a representative who will have the responsibility of getting this information to me.

I don't need any of this now. I don't *want* any of this now. But it's something to start thinking about.


NATO is calling an emergency meeting to discuss the start of LJ Idol - so make sure to get on board before the bombing begins!!

Topic .5

This is our first ever .5 topic.

Why? Because it's halfway between Week 0 and Week 1!

The sign up sheet is still a going concern - so if you are seeing this for the first time, or you know someone who might want to throw their hat into the arena, that is where they should be going! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html

As for the rest of you - this the actual topic thread. (which means that only the links to your entries should be here. Any other comments need to go to the Green Room or to the person directly)

What is the topic?

It's a bit of an Idol throwback: The Giving of Thanks

When is the deadline?
Monday, Nov 30th at 8pm EST

Have fun!

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 8

Good morning Idolers.

We have about a week more left in this pre-game material. So bear with me - and more importantly, DRAG YOUR FRIENDS INTO THIS MESS!! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html

I'm sure they need to be punished for *something* they've done. Why not punish them by getting them addicted to LJ Idol?!?!

There is a non-poll happening for the Week 0 introductions: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/863082.html and had there been a poll, you could let people know to be making with the clickies for your favorites. But since there is not - what are some of your favorites?  Who made you want to read more in the weeks to come?


How was your weekend? Is this a "short week" for you (Americans) or do you have to work the entire week (damn foreigners) or are you part of some splinter-turkey rescue group and this is the busiest season of all for you?

Green Room - Week 0 - Weekend Edition

Sign-ups are still happening: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html  so make sure to get the word out!

and while you are doing that, send them over to check out the Week 0 topics. http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/863082.html   Read the introductions. Introduce yourself! Make some new friends! Nothing says "friendly" than enforced friend-making!!


I want to make sure my list is updated, so I'm going to post the people who are still missing one of the three steps. If you see your name on this list, and you know what you don't have, then go do it! :)

If you don't see your name on the list but know you haven't: posted a declaration, done the paypal thing or sent me your topics - let me know!

If you see it, and you know you did all three - again, let me know so that I can look for it! That could easily be the case, and I would rather be wrong than you miss out on the full experience!

agirlnamedluna   (in tribute)

Per what I have on the sheet, all the sponsored spots have been tenatively claimed.  (tenatively because there were a few folks who have been pencilled in, but haven't shown up yet. I will keep you updated!)


So, what are you doing this weekend?

Vote - Week 0

There's not actually a vote this week. Or a poll.

But make sure to take the time this weekend to read and comment on the entries - for some of you, this is going to your first chance to read some of these folks! So take the time to read what they have to offer!


I'll post another topic on Monday. 

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 5

Today is the deadline for the Topic 0 entries  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/863082.html

So if you are goiing to submit something, you should do it soon!

The numbers are slowly climbing on the Sign-up Sheet: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html  but let's see what we can do over the next week to get over the top! OK? OK!!


How many more days is it until the Force Awakens?

Stop watching Jessica Jones for a moment to comment in the Green Room!

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 4

The deadline for the Week 0, voluntary (as in not required) topic is tomorrow at 8pm EST!  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/863082.html

The Sign-up sheet is also still open - http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/861191.html

I know I keep mentioning that, but I do it because it's important! Originally I was thinking 100-120 people would make this twist to the game work. Which means the floor on that is 100. *Could* it work with fewer? Maybe. But let's not find out!

I know that "LJ isn't what it used to be", but I also know that LJ Idol is worth people coming back to Livejournal!  I'd think that even if I wasn't the one in charge. :)

We have had some fantastic new entries into the fray over the past couple of days! We've gone from needing "40-something more people" to "20-something".  (there are a couple people who have paid and sent in their topics, but haven't posted a declaration yet!!!) So hopefully we can have that aspect locked down before Thanksgiving and be able to start strong on December 1st!


In the meantime - what's pissing off your corner of the internet today?


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