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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 6

I've talked to some of my friends in ISIS, and they are going to be on hand for the eliminations this week. So make sure that you aren't on the chopping block!!

*waves to the nice NSA agents who are now visiting the website!*

My scheme to increase Green Room traffic has worked!

Remember to vote for your favorites, that's the only way to keep them in the competition! If you are in the NSA, I'm sure you have an account that you can use to vote!

I'd suggest reading all of the entries! Because - who knows what activities are going on in there?!? Most of the people who come here are pretty darn sketchy and need to be thoroughly investigated! The best way to do that is by *voting to keep them in the competition* so that you can read more of their entries, to gain more information about them!


What activities have you been up to? (might as well confess now and save the trouble of a full investigation)

Vote - Week 18

A few words from clauderainsrm:

There was a surprised waiting for me when I got home tonight. It was a facebook notification that my niece Mackenzie had nominated me for the ALS challenge.

I had sworn that I wasn’t going to do it. But my niece asked me, so I pretty much had to do it!

I got home, mowed the lawn - came in, filled a bucket with cold water and all of the ice cubes we had - set my phone up at a safe distance with the video on, and dumped the bucket on my head!¬if_t=like

I challenged a few people - but the big one is that I have now challenged all Idol contestants - past and present. So if you were even a little entertained by me dumping ice water on myself - go out and do it as well! I need a laugh!

Speaking of having a laugh - it’s time for the poll again!

Which also means that it’s time to announce the drops and bye-outs. This week there is one of each:

Drop: unmowngrass Bye-out: poppetawoppet

Really sorry to see both of you go, and as always, I hope you will consider signing up when Second Chance comes around.

As for the rest of you - the bottom three contestants will be eliminated this week!

So make sure to get out there and spread the word to: Read, Comment and Vote for your favorites to stay alive in the competition!

The poll closes Thursday, August 21st at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 5

I totally missed this, and I shouldn't have.

But yesterday was the anniversary of something important. On August 18th, 1920 women in the United States were granted the right to vote!

The main reason why this is important is that it set the stage for women to be able to vote in LJ Idol polls! One of them is coming up tonight!

But before that happens, the women (and men) need to get in gear and make sure to have their entries posted: (you have until 8pm EDT TONIGHT!)

If you don't, I will shoot you with a salmon cannon!

So stop dumping buckets of ice water on yourself and make sure to have your entries in! If you already have done so - start bugging your favorites!

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 4

It has cats, and feminism! That's what you people want isn't it? ;)

Your needs are fulfilled now. You can go forth and live life to the fullest!

Or whatever it is that you pretend to do all day!

Oh, wait - there is also a topic:
A Work Room:
and a Killing Floor:

Between all of those things, you should be more than prepared for the rest of your day!

Green Room - Week 18 - Weekend Edition

There were many nights when I was curling in a ball on the floor, crying in pain, wanting to die. Waiting for it.

Anyone who has gone through dental problems knows what it is like. Maybe not when the infection gets to the point that the pain is shooting up the side of your face, because most people don't wait that long.

I waited because I wasn't able to afford it.

That's the truth. Or at least part of it.

The rest is that I had read that the infection could kill you - and I wanted to die.

There were nights that I thought "If I wasn't so much of a coward, I would just end it right now". I really wanted it, but I couldn't do it.

I had tried a few years before - before the divorce, after the first time I found out that my wife had cheated on me.

It was the worst plan ever - take a bunch of pills and never wake up. I did.

But I completely forgot that they were homeopathic! I got really sick, but that's all.

So I knew that I wasn't "smart enough" to actually be successful. My only real option was to let something else kill me.

I had friends that I could talk to on the phone. But none of them were local, and most of them had lives. I loved and was loved in return - but even that felt as hopeless as it turned out to be.

The people that I could talk to on the phone, they helped keep me alive - and most of them I knew from having started LJ Idol.

This was what Season 4 looked like from inside my apartment. Me, barely holding on to what little I had left inside me, because I had make a commitment to the contestants that I would finish the season.

There were people who legitimately hated each other - and some who just liked to pretend that they did in order to get under their skin.

There were factions and people trying to cheat (or "prove a point" as one put it).

Splinter groups being formed and threats against my life (from people who had my address and could have got there) were made.

LJ Idol was all that I had. Or more accurately, at that moment, it felt like all that I had - and there were people openly talking about how badly they wanted to *destroy it*, because I wouldn't let them be in charge, and I eliminated them when they had the fewest votes. It "wasn't fair" and they said that I "had to pay".

They formed their own versions of Idol and more or less crashed and burned (one is still around, pretty much on life support. They were the ones who recently came back, trying to recruit people) because they didn't have that one thing that I had - I was *living for Idol*. No one was going to put more of themselves into it, because no one ever needed it as much as I did.

I wanted to die, but seeing these people who loved this thing that I had created, this gift that I was giving to them, that was a bright spot. It was something that I could look at and say "These people have changed from this and produced work that would not exist without Idol. That would not have happened if I was not still alive".

For all of the people who wanted to make my life -or each other's lives - hell, there were people who just genuinely wanted to be there, to experience what the group had to offer, and take something positive away from being a part of it.

The dental problems were eventually addressed. Relationships came and went. I got out of my apartment more and actually made some friends.

Even the things that seemed too big to handle, they ended up being handled.

It was a crazy/completely fucked up chapter - and I'm really glad that I was able to see how it played out.

I wasn't being a coward. I just needed something to focus on, something to "be brave for" when being brave for myself wasn't enough.

Those feeling though, even now, they wash over me from time to time. It's not really a "dark cloud", it's more like a plastic bag someone has put over my face, pulling it tight.

In those moments, the "what if" comes into my head. But I have so much more going on in my life right now. It's not just "living for Idol", I'm at a point that I want to live *for me*. Because damnit, things are good. Even the bad shit that comes from every day life and relationships - it's still pretty damn good.

Idol has been a part of all of that for me. It was there when I needed something to hold onto it.

Whatever you might be going through out there, I hope that it can be there for you too.

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 1

It's kithan's birthday!

So bring all of your Pepsi, Cheetos, and bacon to the middle of the room and back away slowly. Maybe you won't end up getting hurt in her onslaught.


Speaking of oncoming onslaughts and the past being revisited - it occurred to me that we are approaching the 6 month mark for this season. What does that mean for Idol?

When I'm being nice, I refer to certain periods of the competition as "stress points". When I'm not - I think of them more as "Holy Grap! People are unstable!!!" points.

A couple weeks to either side of 6 months is one of those points where you tend to either see someone completely implode - or in some cases - explode.

I'm pointing this out in hopes that we can work together to *not* have that happen here this time around. (or at 8 months, another stress point)

If you are ready to implode, stop for a moment and talk to someone about it.

If you are ready to *explode* - take it out on the street. Just find some random person and beat them with a baseball bat. Trust me, you will feel much better after! :) I know a guy named Darren Wilson. Maybe go see him!

(Not the police officer from Ferguson, just a guy who happens to have that name. You'll have an excuse!)


Last night, there were eliminations:
A topic:
A Work Room:
and this morning, for the constructive criticism inclined, a Killing Floor:

The Killing Floor - Week 18

If you've got writing you want to constructive criticism on - or you are someone who wants to GIVE some, this is the place!

Just post a link to your entries here!

Work Room - Week 18

The new topic is up:

I'm pretty sure it won't be difficult for people to think of an example of disinformation in their everyday experience.

Which means that finding your point of view is going to be crucial.

How are you going to get your voice to be heard above the rest?

After all, with people leaving every week, that question of "Why NOT me" comes up. What do you have to offer that no one else does? Why should people want to keep you around to read what you are going to come up with next?

Topic - Week 18

Every week I give you a topic.

Sometimes it's straight forward and seems obvious.

Other times you might have to work at it a little more to figure out how you can make it work.

But it's always something that I think you will have some fun with, and produce something worth reading.

That's me being completely forward with you.

There is no


here. (other than the topic itself)

Another truth is that the deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Tuesday, August 19th at 8PM

Have fun!

Results - Week 17

Elimination time comes to all of us. Well, to all of you at least.

(Except one)

It is never easy, and as the season continues, will only get more difficult as we go forward and the choices get more difficult to make.

Today we lose a mix of old and new friends - some really talented people who I hope we will be seeing in the Home Game, and throwing themselves back into the mix for another shot at the title when Second Chance comes along.

Leaving us are:


(I would be getting nervous if my username started with a "M"!!!)

Thank you to all of you for making this journey with us, and as I said above, I hope to see you around!

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