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Green Room - Week 19 - Day 1

Last night was another in the series of weekly shocks: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1017342.html

If I were to make a "Top 10" list, even at this point, I'm best off just balling it up and throwing it away.

Then again, that early season "testing the waters" contestant only vote is still proving to be solid. Maybe the group made their decision back then... or perhaps it's just a matter of time before that too is thrown into the wind...

*cue dramatic music*

The new topic is up: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1017582.html

and so is the Work Room: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1017639.html

I am also "up". Mostly. For some reason I woke myself out of a sound sleep at 3am this morning and didn't really get back to being completely out again after that. So if I fall asleep here at some point today, just leave me. I'll wake up eventually.

Work Room - Week 19

Over the past few weeks, I've written three different freelance pieces.

The first came to me in a flash. I wrote it so quickly my hands were aching a bit afterward. There was a little bit of editing needed to correct some grammatical issues, but other than that, it was solid. When I turned it in, people inside the company were praising it highly and saying that I "truly understood" their product.

The second piece wasn't really for publishing. Since I know people, I heard how bad one of the other freelance writers was - outright *creepy* - in one of the articles he submitted. It was a major joke inside of the company. I wrote a parody piece of that creepy article, taking it to the next stage. No edits (since it wasn't for publishing) and I wrote it in about a half hour. The (few) people I could trust with it said it was hilarious and they wished they *could* pay me for it.

The third one, that was the hard one. Nothing was coming. I had the concept I wanted to write, my way in. But it was just difficult. I worked on it, in fits and starts, for over a week. It needed an outside editor to come in to beta read it because I just had lost all objectivity about it. It apparently is better than I gave it credit for being, but to me, it fell into the "meh" camp.

I have one more assignment on my plate and a deadline a few weeks away. I need to get started on it. But first I need to find my way in... once I do that, I'm hoping it will be more like the first two and less like the third.


How about you? How much of your writing lately has been pleasure and how much of it has been the struggle?
What do you do when you end up inside that struggle, how do you work your way out?

The new topic is up http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1017582.html

Topic - Week 19

The week after the jury starts... this is definitely a new section of the game, one full of promise.

And here is your
Invitation </span>

to the next phase...

No really, that's your topic, Invitation.

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Friday May 26th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!

Results - Week 18

Intersections are always going to shake up expectations, because you aren't just eliminating one member, it's the team that is going. So someone you might normally think is going to be safe every week, is suddenly thrown off their game.

This week is definitely another surprise. It's not even where I saw things going earlier today. But that's why these things play out - and also why results at this stage of the process are always difficult.

There is ONE piece of good news in all this though - that the people leaving us this week are starting The Jury!

Every week, they will vote amongst themselves to give immunity to someone still in the competition. They may be gone from the game, but their presence will definitely be felt on the remainder of this season!

With that, the only thing left is to announce who the first 4 members of the Jury are going to be.

Leaving us this week are

ellakite and shadowwolf13


devilz_workshop and eternal_ot

3 veterans and a newbie who I was always interested in seeing what they would come up with each week, who had definitely put themselves on my personal radar as someone to watch.

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and really helping to raise the bar. I hope we will continue to read your stuff this season, as part of the Home Game, and look forward to "speaking" to you every week as part of the Jury!

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 11

"If you can't beat ’em make 'em bleed like pigs"


Or maybe just revoke their gym membership.

When there is any sort of movement, there is always going to be a counter-movement. I imagine Nazi Gyms sprouting up around the country to fill the need for places where Nazis can go exercise!

Today is the last day for the poll: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1016144.html

Which is my own special way of personally stabbing you in the eye with a foreign object.


Other than being threatened with violence on a Monday morning and a vague reference to something in the news that made some people go "What is he talking about", how was your weekend?

Green Room - Week 18 - Weekend Edition

Are you a penguin?

No. You are not a penguin.

I know penguins. I cuddle with penguins and pet them. You are just some dirty, smell foreign hippies who keep sneaking onto my lawn!

We went to the Aquarium today and took part in a backstage penguin encounter, which involved about a half hour of up close and personal interactions with penguins.

It was awesome.


Another awesome thing is this poll: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1016144.html so make sure you vote in it!


Thank you so much for the feedback on the post yesterday, both the ones here and the ones on my personal facebook page. I hope that anyone who has seen both sees the dilemma of there being some strong opinions involved, especially with the horrors coming out of Chechnya.

Cynthia, as always, put it best with "Why are you still talking about this? You've been debating this forever, just make a decision!" :)

Part of it is that I think my idea for a mini-season is so strong that I'm going to be drawing folks in to be involved. So it's a matter of "am I bringing them back to LJ or somewhere else".


Anyway, that is what is going on with me, how about you?

Green Room - Week 18 -Day 8

The new poll is up: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1016144.html so make sure to support your favorites.


There is also a poll here. Not a formal one, and certainly not a binding one.

I still want to talk this through with some folks who will probably end up being heavily involved with the actual implementation of any of this, but I also want to put up a balloon and see what the response is.

Now that we are a little away from the initial responses to "LJ-ServerGate" (although in looking it up this morning, I realize that less actual time has passed than I thought. It's just things are longer in internet time than they are in reality), I was wondering where you were with it.

More importantly, where are you in regard to Idol.

On the table, right now, I want to do another Idol Minor (a mini season for kids) and I have the concept for a mini-season that if it worked out has the potential to be the "new template" for this sort of thing, and *may* be what we are going forward.

Here's the rub though - I don't know what's happening with LJ a month from now much less later this year. I don't know if this is blowing over the way most of the LJ-gates have (regardless of how passionate people get over the issue, they have always come back). I've seen people I know posting more over at Dreamwidth, and but I've heard there really isn't a lot of community there. Granted, Idol moving might *create* that...

Of course, there is also an added expense to Dreamwidth, in that I would need to buy paid accounts for both Idol and my personal account (where I test the code to make sure it's still working... as well as figuring out what needed to be changed in the poll code to make sure it worked... Patreon is nice for a little extra I can use toward the internet bill, which THANK YOU to our Patrons for that, but it doesn't cover the DW move... )

There's also the "third option" of moving into our own space. But that space would have to be created and that takes time and money. (I have to get back to talking to someone and hearing more about at least one option on the table in regard to that.) But, of course, that's completely remaking the wheel.

And, of course - because I can hear it now, there's the "You should stop trying to keep it alive and let it die". That's from people who think whenever they leave the room, all the lights should be turned out. :)

Factored in to all of this is that my life, and time availability aren't what they used to be. I still can make it work, but if Idol were the size, and as active, it was back in Season 7, I might be in trouble. :D) (and no, before anyone volunteers, I'm NOT looking for someone else to take over - or even "help run things")

I go through these emotional waves when I don't see much happening in the Green Room and I think "Well, it was a good run..." and then I read the entries and I can excited again, because damnnit, these things are out there - existing in the world because I bothered to care. (and forced you to write them, under threats of ultra violence!)

I'm still making up my mind on what to do. And given that people tend to respond to these kinds of posts, there will probably be another update later in the season when I say much the same thing. Mostly because I want to take the temperature.

So open up and say "ahhh", or I will have to try this another way....

Vote - Week 18

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Welcome to Intersection Week at LJ Idol!

Some of you were expecting it, whereas for others, it was the first time experiencing. I hope the experience was beneficial, or at least not overly painful. If there is pain to be dealt out here, it needs to coming directly from me!

Unfortunately, there are two people who will not be experiencing that Gary-induced pain any longer this season.Real life has reached out it’s fickle hand and took down two extremely strong competitors: [personal profile] kathrynrose and wildrose.

There is much less space ahead of us than there is behind, but I had figured both of them would be with us for a little longer. They will definitely be missed, but I hope they have time for the Home Game! (and to continue to come around to hang out, and cheer on their favorites!)

As for the rest of you - the competition continues to move forward, toward that cliff.

Two contestants have left, which means that their partners are now solo. I considered putting them together as a “Team Survivors”, but they wrote the same topic, and I figured it was better to not risk the potential of further penalizing them.

How things are working this time, is that the final vote count of each entry is going to be added together, and then divided by the number of people on the team. (For most people it will be 2, but - see example above - that also means the solos will be divided by 1. In other words, their votes will be their votes…)

The two teams with the lowest combined average will be eliminated!

This has the potential to shake things up a bit! Although seriously, there are some really good entries out there this time around, so it’s a great time to be telling folks to come read other people’s stuff as well. But now you have an extra encouragement to do so because your partner needs some love and support too!

So get out there - read, comment and vote for your favorites, and then spread the word for others to do the same!

The poll closes Monday, May 22nd at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Click here to Vote!Collapse )

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 7

Tonight is the deadline! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1014004.html

Make sure your entry in! Make sure your partner's entry is in!

Make sure every single contestant's entry is in, even if you have to track them down and personally force them to sit down and write it!

Make sure that anyone who isn't a contestant writes as well, and links them to the Home Game: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1015458.html (I'll have more Home Game threads in the future, as long as they are being used)


There has been a lot of talk that, with the "Russian troubles" that Trump will resign, along with every single person in the chain of command and that the Presidency will pass *to me*.

I can tell you right now - none of that is at all true.

I will not be President.

I'm changing the title to Dictator-For-Life, and will rule with an iron fist. Note: Not the Netflix version of the Iron Fist.

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 6

The deadline is tomorrow night - and there are only 2 entries in right now! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1014004.html

Hopefully that means everyone else is hard at work, trying to escape the shame of not getting it in on time!


I'd say more in today's Green Room, but really you should be working on those entries instead of chatting! ;)


For those currently not in the competition though - where are your Home Game entries? http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1015458.html


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